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Specified Adult Childcare Credits

Retired people who are  a couple of years short of the 35 years necessary to receive the full old age pension and  have a grandchild under 12 years can claim National Insurance Credits through this scheme.   Full details are available on the Government Web site.

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There is financial help for those who are disabled or are over 65 years old. This could be for home help e.g. washing, cleaning/general house duties or showering etc. Shopping and other types of assistance are also included. Please see the above web sites for details and contact office for help if necessary. The staff at [...]

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Arrests by PSNI in relation to the Derry Four case

Two men have been arrested in relation to police investigating alleged criminal activity within the Police Ombudsman’s Office. Police said it is linked to an ombudsman’s investigation into allegations of misconduct by police officers relating to the ‘Derry Four’ case. The two men, aged 62 and 67, were arrested on Tuesday in England and brought to [...]

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PSNI defends investigation linked to ‘Derry Four’ case

The PSNI has defended its handling of an investigation into alleged criminal activity within the Police Ombudsman's office linked to the 'Derry Four' case. Teenagers Gerry McGowan, Michael Toner, Stephen Crumlish and Gerard Kelly were charged with killing Lt Steven Kirby in 1979. The so-called Derry Four then skipped bail and fled across the Irish border. [...]

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Benevolent Fund Apartments and Cottages

The Apartments and Cottages can be booked 5 months prior to occupancy by visiting   Applicants must be registered and they should ensure they have the following information to hand to do so: Correct last name of applicant Service Number Date of Birth (Member)

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